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The International Transgender Day of Visibility is a significant occasion in the Philippines, not only as a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and bravery but also as a powerful emblem of hope, perseverance, and identity. This special day illuminates the often-overlooked struggles of the transgender community and amplifies the voices and experiences of those who have been silenced or marginalized for too long. 

In the Philippines, gender nonconformity has a rich and storied history, from the revered babaylan of pre-colonial times to the vibrant and resilient bakla, bayot, and transpinay communities of today. This day serves as a beacon of light, guiding us towards a future of acceptance, understanding, and compassion for all.

With that, many trans women consider breast surgery an essential component of the transition process for numerous transgender women, providing a means to alleviate gender dysphoria and enhance their overall sense of well-being. Breast surgery utilizing implants – like Motiva Ergonomix® – has emerged as a critical aspect of their journey, addressing both physical and emotional aspects of gender identity. For many transgender women, this surgery represents a vital step towards feeling more comfortable and self-assured in their bodies, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Rising Awareness of Trans Women’s Breast Surgery

There is currently a significant increase in awareness about breast surgery for trans women, with more people becoming educated about transgender issues and the importance of gender-affirming care. One of the reasons for this increased awareness is the growing visibility of trans people in the media and popular culture in the Philippines. Filipina transgender celebrities and public figures are sharing their stories and experiences, raising awareness about the challenges faced by the trans community and the importance of access to medical care, including breast surgery.

A study conducted on gender-affirming surgery (GAS) highlighted the importance of surgical breast augmentation or “top surgery” for transfeminine patients in achieving their desired identity. The process of breast augmentation is similar in both transgender and cisgender patients, but there are unique anatomic and contextual factors that must be considered by surgeons to ensure optimal outcomes for transgender patients. The study also emphasized the need for guidelines specific to the transgender patient population in order to provide effective and safe gender-affirming procedures.

Moreover, there’s a shift in the medical community towards more comprehensive care for transgender individuals. Many healthcare providers are now being trained to provide gender-affirming care and offer services such as hormone therapy and surgery to help trans individuals align their bodies with their gender identity.

In addition, advocacy groups and trans-led organizations play an instrumental role in increasing awareness about the need for breast surgery for trans women. These groups work to promote access to healthcare and raise awareness about the unique needs of the trans community.

Organizations like the Miss International Queen Pageant (MIQ) are instrumental in raising awareness about breast surgery and its benefits for trans women. As the world’s largest transgender women’s beauty pageant, MIQ provides a platform for trans women to showcase their beauty, talent, and intelligence, while also promoting the importance of gender-affirming care, including breast surgery. By showcasing the experiences and narratives of trans women, MIQ aids in dismantling stigmas and preconceptions, promoting a deeper comprehension and acceptance of gender diversity. Their community outreach programs and advocacy endeavors, along with those of other organizations, foster a more inclusive and encouraging atmosphere for trans individuals.

Motiva Ergonomix®: The Safe Choice for Trans Women’s Breast Surgery

Choosing the right breast implant is a crucial decision for trans women looking to undergo breast surgery. Ensuring a natural look and feel while prioritizing safety is essential. Unfortunately, the Philippine market is flooded with counterfeit breast implants, making the selection process even more challenging. But fear not, there’s a solution! Motiva Ergonomix® offers transwomen a quality and authentic option for their breast surgery needs.

As trans women embark on their journey towards quality breast surgery, the choice of implant is of paramount importance. The game-changing of Motiva Ergonomix® marks a significant milestone in breast implant innovation. 


Love yourself this Valentine’s Day with Motiva Implants® and their innovative ProgressiveGel Ultima®. Get the ultra-soft, full bust you desire without sacrificing projection.????✨

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These implants are specially formulated with a silicone gel called ProgressiveGel Ultima®, which mimics the natural dynamics of breast tissue. With its advanced technology, the gel can conform to and replicate the body’s movements, creating a seamless and authentic appearance with reduced rippling sensations. The result? A natural-looking breast augmentation that will have you feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. Thanks to the innovative design of Motiva Ergonomix®, the implants take on a tear-drop shape when you’re upright and shift to a full and round shape when you lie down, achieving a lifelike movement that enhances their natural appearance.

When it comes to choosing the safest option for breast surgery in trans women, Motiva® is the trusted brand that stands out in the medical industry. Thanks to its innovative feature called SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®, these implants are specifically designed to be compatible with breast tissue. With every point of contact on the surface smaller than a single cell, Motiva® offers a unique and safe choice for trans women seeking quality breast surgery. What’s more, this feature also reduces the likelihood of implant-related problems such as capsular contracture, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL. It’s reassuring to know that, according to the most recent report, there have been no reported cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) linked to Motiva Implants®

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Furthermore, Motiva Ergonomix® is distinguished by the TrueMonobloc® feature that combines all implant components into one strong and sturdy structure. This innovative design allows for smaller incisions, which minimizes pain, scarring, and bleeding during the recovery period, creating a more comfortable experience for trans women undergoing breast surgery. Motiva Implants® offers a variety of options tailored to each patient’s unique needs and preferences, making it an excellent choice for safe and customized breast augmentation.

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Motiva® is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to its patients, working with experienced surgeons and offering highly elastic implants with new textural designs that reduce complications, allowing for smaller incisions and under-the-muscle placement. With excellent results, Motiva Implants® are a preferred choice of surgeons who also recommend them to their patients seeking safe and natural-looking breast augmentation. 

Motiva® doesn’t just provide quality implant design but also prioritizes patient care beyond surgery. All Motiva® implants have lifetime coverage against rupture with their Always Confident Warranty® Program.  Moreover, their Product Replacement Policy covers capsular contracture (Baker grades III and IV) for 10 years, meaning that if any issues arise, Motiva® will provide a replacement implant at no cost. This commitment to patient care and support showcases Motiva®‘s dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes, ensuring patient satisfaction and peace of mind.

Breaking Taboo: Breast Surgery and Trans Community

Breast surgery is often considered a taboo topic due to the stigma and discrimination that transgender individuals face. Trans individuals may be hesitant to discuss their desire for breast surgery due to fear of rejection or discrimination, and many may also struggle to access quality healthcare due to systemic barriers.

Studies show that stigma and discrimination in healthcare settings can cause delays in trans individuals accessing gender-affirming care, including breast surgery. Societal pressure to conform to binary gender norms can also impact their decision to pursue breast augmentation. However, breast surgery can improve the quality of life for trans individuals and alleviate feelings of gender dysphoria.

Removing the taboo surrounding breast surgery for trans women is crucial to empowering them to make informed decisions about their bodies. Destigmatizing breast surgery can encourage trans individuals to seek out healthcare services, access safe procedures, and improve their mental and physical health. Breaking down this taboo can also reduce barriers to healthcare access and lead to better overall health outcomes for trans individuals.

Encouraging Safe Breast Surgery

Finding a reputable and safe surgeon for breast surgery is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome and reducing the risk of complications. To find the right surgeon, it is important to do your research, ask for referrals, and schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and ask any questions you may have. Look for a surgeon who is experienced in performing breast augmentation on trans individuals and operates in a safe, accredited facility. Additionally, ensure that the surgeon provides comprehensive follow-up care and that you feel comfortable and supported throughout the process. By taking the time to find a reputable and safe surgeon, you can feel confident in your decision and enjoy the benefits of breast surgery.

Doing thorough research and asking questions before committing to any surgery is of utmost importance, especially for trans women considering breast surgery. It is important to understand the risks and benefits of the procedure, as well as any potential complications or side effects. By doing your due diligence and asking questions, you can help ensure that you receive safe and effective care that meets your needs and goals.

If you are a trans woman considering breast surgery, it is important to prioritize your own health and well-being. This means finding a caring surgeon who listens to your concerns and helps you make informed decisions that align with your goals and values. By prioritizing your health and well-being, you can make the most of your breast surgery journey and live a fulfilling life.

It’s important to increase awareness and education about the different types of breast implants available and their associated risks and benefits, as well as the psychological benefits of transgender breast surgery. By doing so, we can provide transgender individuals with the support they need to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and improve their quality of life.

Lastly, breast augmentation surgery can be a transformative experience for transgender individuals, helping to align their physical appearance with their gender identity and boost their self-confidence. When it comes to choosing the right breast implant, Motiva Ergonomix® is a standout option. These implants are specifically designed to mimic the natural texture and movement of breast tissue, resulting in a more realistic and natural look and feel. With their ergonomic design, they adapt to the body’s natural movements, providing a comfortable fit that minimizes the risk of complications. For transgender individuals who may face unique challenges due to their starting breast tissue or chest wall shape, Motiva Ergonomix® provides a customized solution to achieve their desired outcome. By choosing the right implant, transgender individuals can feel empowered and confident in their bodies.

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