Selecting the right implant for breast augmentation is essential to give the patient the look and feel that they desire. The surgeon and the patient must take into account the individual's physique, the shape of the breast and the amount of breast tissue. Different implants from different manufacturers have different features, and so it is important to choose one that is right for you.

From the various choices of breast implants in the Philippines, we at Breast Surgery PH would be glad to recommend Motiva Implants®, for the fact that Motiva Implant® have a high patient satisfaction rate, and is backed up by years of clinical tests and studies that have proven the implant's safety and reliability.

Motiva Implants Philippines
Motiva Implants Philippines


Motiva® Breast Implant is built on the foundation of 30 years of experience in advanced implant manufacturing that is backed up by years of research development to create high-end implants that are known in more than 60 countries worldwide for being a premium brand.

Motiva® Breast Implant are designed for both patient and doctor satisfaction.

Both doctors and patients have their concerns regarding implant designs of the past. Doctors have always been concerned with the rippling effect of the round type breast implants, and rotation of the anatomically designed implants. Patients on the other hand are primarily concerned about the texture and shape of their after the surgery.

Motiva® Breast Implant solved these issues with their patented TrueTissue Technology, that allows the gel inside the implant to move naturally, due to the combination of unique elastic elastomer and the rheological properties of ProgressiveGel®, that also minimizes the chance of implant rippling.

Motiva® Breast Implant maintains its natural shape and feel, regardless of the position or rotation, mirroring the movement of natural breast tissue along with the effect of gravity.

Motiva Implants Philippines


The most preferred type of breast implants are the round shape implants. Round implants are the most commonly used implants, because of the fullness of the upper-pole region of the implant, that give the breasts a fuller upper part, a more noticeable cleavage while still having a round bottom, and curvature in the middle area of the .

  • Balanced gel elasticity and firmness
  • Increase upper-pole fullness
  • Younger active look
  • Fullness profile

Suitable Candidates for Motiva® Breast Augmentation

Motiva® Round Implant is suitable for patients who want their breasts with full volume on the upper parts.

  • Minimum breast sagging
  • Central nipple placement
  • Breasts are located near to the chest
  • Fuller cleavage
Motiva Round Implants Philippines
Motiva Round Implants Philippines



BluSeal® maximizes safety. BluSeal® is an implant shell technology specially created to allow surgeons to be able to visibly detect any defects in the implant like gel bleed, ruptures and compromised implant shell before insertion into a patient's body.

The implant shell gives-off a bluish color, that signifies the surgeon that the implant is intact and is not anyway compromised.


SmoothSilk® is made through 3D printing technology that allows the implant to be even in thickness throughout the implant shell. The Silksurface® is created under a controlled surface treatment procedure and trade manufacturing process, ensuring that the quality and standards of the implant surface is met with fine and consistent results.

Motiva Implants® shells do not make use of the salt/sugaring method, thus reducing the risks of complications caused by friction from unnecessary foreign substances.

SmoothSilk® ensures that each contact point on the surface is smaller than a single cell, and is especially built to be bio-compatible with the breast tissue, thus reducing the risk of complications like capsular contracture, late seroma and BIA-ALCL. To date, Motiva Implants® have 0 cases of BIA-ALCL.

Motiva Round Implants Philippines
Motiva Round Implants Philippines

Free Warranty-For all Motiva® Implants

All Motiva®  Breast Implants are covered against rupture by the Always Confident Warranty®, and against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV by our Product Replacement Policy, for a period of 10 years.

Motiva® Extended Warranty Program

Patients can also choose to sign up for the Motiva® 2 Year Extended Warranty Program for Motiva Implants® without Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®), where patients can pay a non-refundable fee of $100 to enroll into the program.

In addition to the replacement product, these programs will support patients with up to $1000 financial assistance for each affected implant, applicable to the cost of the revision surgery in the event of a warranty claim for rupture or capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV.

*Terms & Condition apply
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Motiva Round Implants Philippines


Motiva Implants® excellent elasticity and controlled surface allows for a significantly smaller incision, between 2.5cm to 3cm, contrary to traditional implants that requires an incision of about 5cm.

The insertion of Motiva Implants® is easier due to the enhanced mechanical qualities under stress and high-performance shell (TrueMonobloc®) which allows the implant to be stretched and be easily inserted through a small incision site without compromising the surface of the implant.

Small incision results in lesser pain, lesser bleeding, as well as minimizing scars for a fast recovery.

Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®)

Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®) is the first and only FDA approved radio-frequency component with an unlimited lifespan that provides an electronic serial number from within the patient’s body, and can be read by an external portable reader, allowing doctors and patients to have control and verification of their implant, for safety, well-being and in the event of a recall or adverse event.

Motiva Round Implants Philippines

Motiva Implants® are manufactured with this built-in chip that stores all the information about the patient, including the implant type that the patient has, the size of the implant, the surgeon who performed the surgery and the date they were implanted.

The Qid® chip was created by Motiva® to give patients their right to information about their implant, as well as to ensure the safety of the patients by allowing them to verify information about the implant in a non-intrusive way. It is a great invention thus far and this is one of the main reasons why people are shifting towards this new generation of Motiva Implants®.

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