BREAST Augmentation philippines- THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW

At Breast Surgery Philippines, we work with some of the established plastic surgeons which gives a sense of satisfaction to our patients.

Breast augmentation is a commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is used not only to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the breasts but also to assist breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy and transgender individuals seeking to complete their transition. In the Philippines, numerous plastic surgeons specialize in breast surgery and breast augmentation, aiding women in achieving their desired outcomes


There are many factors to consider before having breast augmentation surgery. In order to create natural breasts, the doctor must understand the patient’s body type and size, original breast shape and symmetry, as well as the amount of breast tissue. Following a thorough assessment, the appropriate implant type, size, and incision location will be recommended for each individual patient. It is vital to have a 1 on 1 pre-surgery consultation to post-surgery care so that the highest satisfaction and level of safety of the patient may be attained.

REASON FOR UNDERGOING BREAST augmentation philippines

  • Enhance the appearance, shape, and size of the breasts.
  • Recover or improve breast appearance, shape, and size after pregnancy
  • Correct asymmetrical/uneven breasts
  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy
  • Transgender women looking to complete their physical transition
  • Improve overall appearance and structure of the body
Breast Surgery Philippines


For breast augmentation in Philippines, clinics/hospitals offer a wide range of government-approved implants in various types and sizes. Patients can select the right type and size with the doctors to achieve the most satisfying results. Choosing the ideal implants is vital not only to get the results that you want, but also to prioritize your safety.

Being a premium brand in the industry, Motiva Implants® vision is to make Motiva® the accessible and safe choice for breast and contour aesthetics worldwide.

Motiva Implants

As plastic surgery rates continue to increase, so does the need for advanced products to serve the continuously growing market. However, as the market grows, so do the demands of the market. More and more women are seeking natural-looking enhancements that also fit their natural frame. And since maintenance is such an essential part of plastic surgery, many women are also looking for implants that can handle their active lifestyle. Motiva® is stepping up to the plate, addressing these issues by providing implants with an innovative design that meets the demands of the market.

Implant Surfaces

Motiva Implants Philippines


The surface is smooth and soft so it is advantageous for easy implant placement, and the incision can be made small, which helps to reduce scarring. It is the most commonly used type especially for those with thin skin and little breast tissues.

Motiva Implants Philippines


The surface is rough and uneven so it promotes tissue growth in between the contact points of the implant shell to secure them from rotating. The tissue is positioned between the implant, it is easy to prevent implant rotation, and it is possible to obtain a result of soft touch.

Incision Locations

Motiva Incision Location PH


The breast implants are placed through an incision in the armpit. The armpit incision is barely visible because of the natural creases of the armpit. An endoscope is used to help create a pocket for the breast implant, as well as for accurate positioning. This approach can be done with a wide range of patients. This method is suitable for people who want to hide their surgical scar.

Motiva Incision Location PH


The incision is made in the lower part of the areola and makes the scar less visible. This method allows surgeons to have a direct view of the surgical site and for precise implant placement. It also allows for the surgeon to handle the breast tissue directly for better implant adaptation. The disadvantage of this method is that the operation may take longer depending on the size of the patient's areola. It is recommended for those with an areola size of 2.5cm or larger.

Motiva Incision Location PH


This approach is most commonly used in the western countries. The breast fold incision is made at the fold along the bottom of the breast and the scar can be hidden underneath the fold. The advantage is that it takes less time during surgery and less recovery time compared to other approaches. The disadvantage is that it can show a visible scar at the lower part of the breast.

Implant Placement Locations

Breast Implant Philippines


This is a commonly used insertion for people who have enough breast tissue. The implant is inserted below the breast tissue. This method gives the most natural shape and texture, but is only possible if you have enough existing breast tissue. The advantage is ample cleavage and the implant is not affected by the muscle movement.

Breast Implant Philippines


This insertion is used for people with minimal breast tissue. The implant is inserted below the muscle and breast tissue. The advantage is better concealment of the implant, especially the cleavage area as the upper portion of the implant is placed under the muscle. This placement method also reduces the risk of implant rippling.

Breast Implant Philippines


The Dual Plane technique involves the use of both the Sub-glandular and Sub- muscular techniques. The surgeon uses the Sub-muscular method to emplace the upper part of the implant. The implant is placed in a pocket under the chest muscle (Pectoralis Major), with the lower portion of the implant covered with breast tissue. This placement method is commonly used for patients with small breasts to obtain the most natural result.

The exact degree to which the ratio of the muscle to breast tissue covering the implant is determined on a case-to-case basis, depending on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals. This procedure is what most patients opt for due to the fact that the dual plane technique can be adjusted to achieve optimal implant placement for the patient.



Breast Augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure and you will be able to go home after the surgery on the same day. The estimated time of procedure takes about 1 to 3 hours, more or less depending on the body type of the patient.


General anesthesia can be used for Breast Augmentation surgery.


General anesthesia is injected before the surgery starts to make you fully asleep, and you will not feel any sensation during the operation. Once the anesthesia is injected, you will feel more relaxed and slowly drift asleep.


Stitch Removal may take 7-14 days after surgery or may not be required depending on wound closure technique and where you choose your incision following the healing process. You will be going to the clinic for post-surgery consultation and the removal day will be decided after your doctor has checked your breast condition.


Breast augmentation using Motiva breast implants costs from PHP90k to PHP150k (for round implants, and PHP150k to PHP200k for ergonomix implants. In Philippines, it is 50%-70% cheaper than having breast augmentation in countries like South Korea, United States or Singapore. This is due to the fact that the country has a lower cost of living. However, rest assured that the hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners in the Philippines are of world-class quality and standards.