How Motiva® Breast Implants Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Beauty


For many women, breast augmentation is a way for them to achieve their ideal beauty. With that said, every person has individual needs for their surgery.

One factor to think about for your surgery is finding the right breast implants that can achieve your desired results. An implant brand that can help you in your journey towards your ideal beauty is Motiva®.

With years of scientific and laboratory studies, Establishment Labs created the 6th generation implants, Motiva®. These implants have distinct features that give the right balance of aesthetic satisfaction and medical safety.

Here are some of the ways that Motiva® Breast Implants can help you achieve your ideal beauty.

Motiva® Breast Implants for Your Ideal Beauty

Fuller and Rounder Shape

Again, we undergo plastic surgery to improve a certain aspect of our physical appearance. If you want to opt to have your breasts look fuller, Motiva® Round Implants is the right choice for you.

Round implants are a commonly used type of implants for breast augmentation. Due to the fullness of the upper-pole region of the implant, Motiva® Rounds provides a more noticeable cleavage. It also gives a round bottom and curvature in the middle area of the breasts.

Motiva®’s fullness profile is due to a relatively firm and stable gel inside the implant, known as ProgressiveGel® Plus. This silicone gel is designed to give a round aesthetic appearance, providing the highest projection in the upper pole of the breast. As a result, it leads to a younger active look for your breasts.

No Wrinkling or Rippling

Wrinkling or rippling is a common side effect of breast implants. However, it’s not something you need to worry about as long as you choose the right type of implants. The said issue usually comes with saline implants, where the sterilized water solution increases the risk of rippling. That’s why silicone implants are more ideal to prevent this problem.

Motiva® Breast Implants’ ProgressiveGel® Plus is 100% filled, 100% ultra-soft, and 100% form-stable, resulting in its optimal implant shape. The silicone gel’s viscosity minimizes the possibility of rippling on the implant, making sure it retains its full shape.

A silicone-based elastomer shell encases the silicone gel of Motiva Implants®. Furthermore, it has a BluSeal® indicator that helps surgeons verify the presence of the protective layer surrounding the implants. It makes sure that the implants are 100% intact, minimizing the possibility of implant rupture. The BluSeal® indicator complies with the quality and safety standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials and ISO.

Smaller Incision

As it is an invasive surgery, breast augmentation leaves scarring even after recovery. To achieve your ideal beauty, you want to have less scarring as possible from your operation.

Motiva® Breast Implants have a TrueMonobloc® shell configuration, which makes the implants tensile and sturdy. This multilayer system links all implant components (gel, shell, and patch) into one unified structure. It allows the implant to be stretched, without rupture under physical pressure.

Furthermore, it allows easy insertion through smaller incisions, between 2.5cm to 3cm, without compromising the surface of the implant. Compared to the usual 5cm incision, Motiva Implants® cause less scarring, which also shortens the recovery period.

Natural Shape and Feel

Even if your ideal beauty involves rounder and fuller breasts, you still want the results of your surgery to blend in seamlessly with your current body. Aside from how they look, you also want them to feel as natural as possible.

Motiva® Breast Implants achieve significant difference while still maintaining the look and feel of natural breasts. Motiva® Rounds, in particular, maintains its natural shape regardless of the position or rotation. It mirrors the movement of natural breast tissue and how it reacts to gravity.

Motiva Implants® also have a patented TrueTissue Technology, which allows the silicone gel filling to move naturally. Combine that with the unique elastic elastomer and the rheological properties of ProgressiveGel®, it creates a 100% ultra-soft breast feel.

Proportioned Size and Projection

As mentioned earlier, every woman has different needs for their surgery. It especially rings true when picking the right size of breast implants. By choosing a size and projection proportionate to your body frame, you can achieve your ideal beauty post-operation.

With over 500 types of Motiva® Breast Implants, varying in sizes and profiles, it’s easier to find the right implants for your desired results. It also comes in four different projections that can match your body frame:

  • Mini – Motiva®’s lowest projection
  • Demi –moderate-low projection
  • Full –moderate-high projection
  • Corsé – Motiva®’s highest projection

Balance of Safety and Beauty

Of course, achieving your ideal beauty is the foremost goal of your breast augmentation surgery. However, your safety is also vital to take into consideration regarding decisions about your operation. Fortunately, the innovative features of Motiva Implants® hit the right balance between aesthetics and medical safety.

Aside from the features mentioned earlier, Motiva® has a SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® shell, achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting. The smooth surface minimizes bacterial growth and attachment. It reduces the risk of implant-related complications such as capsular contracture, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL. It also allows easy implant insertion through smaller incisions, resulting in minimal scarring.

A 6-year prospective study shows that breast augmentation surgeries, using Motiva Implants® resulted in less than 1% of cases of implant complications. It has lower capsular contraction rates and late seroma. Also, it has zero cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or cancer that attacks the immune system.

Furthermore, more than its features, Motiva® has various warranty programs that assure your safety even after your operation.

All Motiva Implants® come with free warranty programs, namely the Always Confident Warranty®, which covers cases of rupture for the lifetime of the implant, and the Product Replacement Policy, which entails a 10 Year Warranty for capsular contracture baker grades III and IV.

Furthermore, Motiva® offers an Extended Warranty Program that applies to qualifying silicone breast implants in the Philippines. For Motiva® Round without Qid®, you can avail of the 2Y Extended Warranty Program, where you may receive up to USD 1,000 of financial assistance for additional surgeries.

To know more about how Motiva® Breast Implants can help you achieve your beauty, you may visit their website. Lastly, to find surgeons who use Motiva® in the Philippines, you can visit Breast Surgery PH’s official website.

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