Recovering from breast augmentation surgery can be one of the toughest times in your life. Why? Because the patient needs to be aware of the actions that are necessary for her to properly heal. It takes a lot of resting, diet, hydration, and monitoring. In case they feel anything different after the surgery.

Giving someone a gift to help their recovery after having breast augmentation surgery is one of the perfect Christmas presents you can ever give to them. And if you’re thinking that gifts like this may cost you a fortune, you are wrong about that. 

Aside from giving them the gift of comfort and moral support, there are a lot of budget-friendly options you can choose from that can be helpful to your loved ones who recently had their breast augmentation surgery. Aside from being budget-friendly, these are things that are easy to find both online and in physical stores. 

Do you have any members of the family or friends you can think of who just had their breast augmentation surgery? If you have thought of anyone, here are the top 10 gift guides you can give to your loved one after breast augmentation surgery.

    There are different types of pillows that you can give your friend, relative, or partner who just had breast augmentation surgery.
    • Wedge Pillow
      After your breast enhancement procedure, you might want to sleep with your head and shoulders elevated and positioned on your back. You may also probably want to avoid rolling around the bed in the first few days after surgery. However, it can be hard to keep a single position once you fall asleep. One of the best ways to stay in a comfortable position throughout the night is to use a wedge pillow and place pillows on your left and right sides.
    • Seatbelt Pillow
      A small square or rectangular pillow can be the best seat belt pillow you can use during your trip home after surgery. The pillow is placed between you and the upper-body part of the seat belt. This pillow will protect you from rubbing your chest on the seatbelt and distribute the pressure across your chest.
    • Armrest Pillow
      This pillow is useful while lying down to support the arm over your chest. Elevating your arm while resting may ease the cause of lymphedema or the fluid buildup in soft tissue. You can also try to give her a bar-shaped pillow that may be placed under the neck while resting or traveling to ease muscle strain.
    • Breast Support Pillow
      After a breast reconstruction or breast augmentation, your breast may feel very tender. Breast surgery changes the balance of weight on your chest muscles. While healing, you might like to use a crest-shaped pillow as a gift to support your breast and prevent pain in the incision. You can also use this pillow to provide comfort on your underarms when the incision is a transaxillary incision (incision under the armpit)
    • Neck Pillow
      These pillows come in bolsters, wraparounds, contoured, and even U-shaped pillows. Neck pillows help keep the head, neck, and shoulders properly lined up. A good neck pillow allows sitting and sleeping more comfortable for both the neck and shoulders. 
    • Donut Pillow
      Any donut pillow would be a great gift as it relieves pressure on the tailbone caused by sitting for long hours. The advantage of donut pillows is being especially helpful if you’re recovering from breast augmentation. Donut pillows provide ease as they reduce pressure on the tailbone, and they can be used anywhere such as placing them on chairs, on the couch, or even in the car.
    Hydration is important after having breast surgery. After the surgery, the immune system can be weak to fight infections or harmful elements. Water helps keep these infections away and acts as a stimulus to your recovery. Furthermore, water helps your body prevent toxins from the anesthesia injected during the surgery. That is why it is important to know why drinking water post-surgery can be very helpful in all aspects of recovery. 

    However, it could be a struggle to lift a cup or water bottle because the upper body can still be swollen. So for those looking for a special gift for a loved one who has been through breast augmentation, better purchase a tumbler that has a straw. Sipping from a straw may become a better way to keep the body hydrated while undergoing post-surgery. 
    Breast implant support bras will help ease the healing post-surgery especially on the first few days of healing. Surgeons most probably will provide a bra or bandage after the procedure. The purpose of the bra is to help support the swollen breast and give comfort to the patient after leaving the hospital and arriving home. However, a breast implant support bra that is tailored specifically for breast surgery does not only need to become helpful in terms of support but also flattering to wear.

    The best use of Breast Implant support bras is to provide comfort and security for any sutures or problems in the incision. Breast Implant support bras also help the patient to be reminded to maintain minimal movement, which is necessary to reduce bruising and bleeding after breast surgery.
    Recover might be difficult to handle especially when thinking of the perfect attire that looks decent yet comfortable at the same time. For some, it could be the least of their priorities, but for others, it is important for them to still look pleasing with the clothes that they wear even having a hard time moving because of the stitches from surgery. Here are the gift ideas for a loved one to wear after their breast augmentation surgery.
    • Shirtdress
      Shirt dresses are like oversized shirts, but this type of clothing is more convenient because of the button-down style. Unlike oversized clothes that are worn by lifting your arms above the head, a shirtdress is easier to put on and remove without stressing from pain.
    • Button-down shirt
      A button-down shirt is generally similar to a shirtdress. It is just better with jeans or shorts. For a breast surgery patient who still needs to attend online meetings while healing at home, a button-down shirt is an easy, go-to attire to still look formal and presentable to their workmates.
    • Robe
      Robes are not just meant for after baths or covering evening lingerie. Robes are also very convenient for breast augmentation recovery. Having something easy to wear and take off is like heaven to the patient. This is very useful especially when the patient has no extra business outside, and has the privilege to stay at home until full recovery.
    A medicine kit is useful to store painkillers or medications prescribed by the doctor after breast augmentation. Medicine kits now vary in different styles. There are medicine kits that have labels to monitor if you’ve been taking the medicine on the right day, and there are medicine containers that are attached to water bottles to make sure that you get the best of both worlds in one water bottle. It makes for a perfect gift post-surgery.
    After surgery, there are more times that the patient will spend more time laying down or at home. And staying at home doesn’t mean that you are safe from skin irritation, acne, or rashes. 

    Skin irritations can develop in places where the skin is sweaty. And those who are at rest after breast augmentation surgery spend most of their time lying in bed. 

    However, staying in bed is something that you cannot take away from the patients because it could be difficult for them to move a lot, and lying down or having multiple naps is the best way for some to ease the pain. 

    With that said, there is nothing else better than gifting them a skincare set that suits people who are most often indoors. It may include the following:
    • Facial Cleanser
      A facial cleanser is the basic part of a skincare routine. Facial cleansers don’t have to be harsh on the skin, especially when there is no makeup involved in the entire day. For oily and acne-prone skin, a salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide wash works perfectly for these skin types. While for dry mature skin, a moisturizing glycolic cleanser fits well among other facial cleansers. 

      Know your loved one’s skin condition and help her stay radiant and beautiful even during her breast augmentation recovery.
    • Moisturizer
      The best times to moisturize are right after the shower and right before bed. Sometimes, dealing with too much pain or anxiety can cause stress, which affects the skin too. For some patients, this can lead to acne, eczema, urticaria, psoriasis, rosacea, and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders. So the perfect moisturizer set you can provide to your friend, relative, or partner is a daily moisturizer and an evening moisturizer. This helps with keeping the skin hydrated. It also supports the skin from becoming saggy that is caused by too much stress. 
    • Sunblock
      Many people feel they only need to protect themselves on sunny days or when visiting the beach but what they do not know is, it’s the daily UV exposure that contributes to the visible signs of aging. 

      Find your loved one a sunblock that will perfectly work for people indoors. Most of the time sunblocks used indoors are lightweight sunblocks or sunblocks lower than spf50. 

      Christmas is just a few days ahead. However, it does not mean that you are limited to gifting your loved ones only during this time. Whenever they decide to undergo breast augmentation, giving them something is a great gesture. Find your loved one a gift that she will appreciate and make use of after having breast augmentation surgery. But if you do not have much to offer, your care and support while her recovery will become a big help. It just shows how much you support and love them.

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