How Healthy Skin Is Vital for Breast Augmentation


We live in an age where selfies and social media influences both men and women to present themselves with flawless and glowing skin. However, having healthy and glowing skin is vital not only for a good impression but also for a healthy well-being, especially if you plan to undergo an operation such as breast augmentation.

The skin is known as the largest organ in the body. It not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also helps fight off bugs and toxins to regulate systems within your body. With the factors impacting your skin from appearing unhealthy, your skin’s ability to operate as an effective protective barrier can be affected. Aging, hormones, and genetics are just examples of the internal factors that affect our skin. Further, an unhealthful diet, stress, lack of sleep, not enough exercise, dehydration, and smoking can all impact the skin in regulating its protective efficiency.

Healthy Skin For Better Breast Augmentation Results

As mentioned, the skin is an important organ of the body. As it protects us from harmful microbes and external bacteria, maintaining skin health must be an utmost priority. Our skin gives us a sense of touch, and with healthy skin, it helps react better to significant changes around you by feeling pain and pressure, which is vital if you decide to have your breast improved through breast augmentation.

As breast augmentation requires an incision, expect that there will be scars and pain after the surgery.  As the skin can heal itself, we must keep our skin healthy and elastic to make the healing process as effective as possible. To achieve a healthy skin, taking a healthy routine or skin care may be of help. Below are the tips that will help you achieve healthy skin as a preparation for your breast surgery. 

Keep yourself hydrated. For your skin to function optimally, proper hydration is needed. Sufficient hydration can prevent dryness of your skin that results in visible wrinkles. Further, hydrating your skin means increasing the water content in your body. As water is known to be the universal cleanser of the body, it helps cleanse our organs from unwanted dirt and keep our skin from appearing dull and flaky.

Get Enough Sleep. For many reasons, enough sleep is an important thing you must have to achieve healthy and glowing skin. With complete sleep, 7 to 9 hours, your body secretes certain growth in hormones and increases the production of collagen. As we all know, collagen is an important property of skin elasticity, and when you have an elastic skin means your skin is flexible enough to get back into its natural appearance and shape. More so, having good and enough sleep helps you avoid different skin complications and problems with the likes of inflammation, rashes, and dry skin. The results of poor and incomplete sleep for your skin are significant with the likes of skin aging, less satisfactory skin quality, and slow skin recovery due to environmental and physical stressors.

Live a Healthy Diet. It is important to note that whatever you eat impacts the health and appearance of your skin. While you rely on beauty products to tend your skin, having a diet can help you rejuvenate your skin from inside to out. Diet doesn’t just mean losing weight but also signifies a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Eating a healthy diet can produce long-time results. The daily consumption of healthy foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients may help nurture your skin, appearing to be young and glowing.

Avoid Stress and Get Exercise. You cannot easily eliminate stress but it is one of the things that affect your whole body, making your skin more sensitive and reactive. Also with stress, it can be harder for skin problems or scars to heal. When you are stressed, your body produces hormones like cortisol, which tells your glands to make more oils. Oily skins are prone to skin problems and complications like rashes, acne, and many more. With that said, it is vital to take care of your skin. Get regular exercise or take your time to unwind and enjoy. Best if you will start to create stress management techniques to help you avoid stress.

Maintain Skin Hygiene before Surgery. The health of your skin has a huge impact on your physical health that is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be vital. As a preparation for your breast surgery, cleaning yourself from the microbes will be the first thing you must do to avoid the unnecessary bacteria to attach on your implants.  Also, keeping your hands clean and taking note your solid skin hygiene routine are vital ways to avoid infection and other health complications. Taking all of these into account may help you achieve your desired aesthetic results.

Innovative Breast Implants for Safer Breast Augmentation

As mentioned, having healthy skin is vital if you desire to have a breast augmentation. As your skin gives you various benefits like protection, sense of touch, and efficient wound healing, taking care of it must be put into your daily routine.

Further, while keeping your skin healthy as preparation for your surgery, choosing a breast implant that would suit your preference, body shape, and size should also be taken into account. There are plenty of breast implants in the market, however picking the safest one shall be your point of action.

Designed to give you optimum aesthetic results, Motiva® Breast Implants offers you a safe and reliable high-technology implant while giving you a more natural looking breast augmentation and or reconstructive transformation. While you are considering having a round aesthetic breast, this implant could provide you the highest breast projection and complete filling through their patented gel called ProgressiceGel® Plus. This gel is also designed to minimize rippling and balance the gel elasticity.

With a  SmoothSilk®/ SilkSurface®, a significantly reduced risk of double capsule and late seroma can be guaranteed. Also, it helps minimize inflammation and enables insertion through a small implant incision that leads to minimal scars. As this implant is available to 60 countries which includes the SEA market like the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea, you will never worry about finding the right place for breast augmentation. You can also gain peace of mind with the 10-year warranty to ensure that your implants are covered against rupture and capsular contracture.

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