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Breast surgery in the Philippines, specifically breast augmentation, does not end with the surgery alone. Post-operative care will be crucial in achieving excellent results and also comfortability after surgery.

So, if you have undergone breast augmentation, you may find these following tips helpful in your recovery. If you haven’t had surgery but are interested in doing so, these can help you set expectations of what happens after it.

Here are some of the things you need to do and some that you need to avoid to have a safe and comfortable post-op recovery.

Do’s After Breast Surgery

Get Plenty of Rest

Giving your body time to rest is an integral part of recovery from breast surgery in the Philippines. While light activities, such as walking, are recommended to keep your blood flowing, overdoing daily activities can cause complications after the operation. Be prepared to take at least a week off from work or school to get the most rest that you can. Also, make sure that you have a clean resting place when you get back home, with everything you need in easy reach.

Wear the Right Bra

Support for the breasts is vital after the operation. Make sure always wear the right kind of bra, one that would not distort the breast shape. Following the surgery, you will be given a surgical bra, which you need to wear for about 4-6 weeks, depending on the healing process. After those few weeks, you can start consulting with your doctor about the types of bra you can wear. A basic, supportive bra is usually recommended.

Avoid Rigorous Activities

Again, rest is vital for a healthy and safe recovery. If you are physically active, avoid exercising for at least 4 weeks. Other strenuous activities and heavy lifting should not be done until 6 weeks after surgery, with the surgeon’s permission.  Stretching, reaching, bending, and lifting are possible causes of complication. It is best to have someone by your side throughout recovery to help in things like household chores or child care.

Eat Healthily

During recovery, a healthy diet is more important than ever. Foods high in sodium, such as junk foods, can slow down the healing process; instead, indulge in more nutritious snack options. Make sure to fill your refrigerator with healthy foods that you can prepare quickly, as longer cooking preparation will cause exhaustion. Also, stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Follow Doctor’s Instructions

Of course, when recovering from breast surgery in the Philippines, following your surgeon’s instructions about post-op care will inevitably result in a safe healing process. Take your medication as prescribed to ease the pain you are feeling. The surgeon will also advise you about the specific massages or exercises you should perform.

It will take a while for the body to recover from the operation, and results will not show immediately. Do not discount any instruction your doctor has given you for recovery. Be patient, and stay optimistic.

Dont’s After Breast Surgery

Avoid Taking a Bath

After a few days or a week, you will be allowed to take a shower or light bath, as long as you keep the area with the incision dry. Do not immerse the wound in water for at least 6 weeks or when the surgeon permits you; this includes swimming in pools, lakes, and oceans. Getting into a hot tub is also not advisable as hot water allows bacteria to enter the wound.

Do Not Sleep on Your Side

Make sure that you are sleeping on your back and avoid rolling over when sleeping. This will put stress on the implants and strain the incisions. If you are not used to this position, you can surround yourself with pillows, creating a nest. Also, prop a pillow underneath your back to help blood flow. It will be helpful to practice this even before surgery so that you won’t be uncomfortable after the operation.

Avoid Push Up or Underwire Bras

Again, the right bra will be crucial for comfortability while recovering. It will take several months for the implants to settle into the body. Wearing underwire or push up bras can displace the implants and irritate the incision during healing. Compression garments help support the implants and aid blood flow in the surgical site. Stick with the bra your surgeon recommended for at least a month.

Do Not Smoke

If you are a smoker, it is best to stop smoking before and after having breast surgery in the Philippines. Smoking or using any tobacco products slows down the healing process as it restricts the blood flow and reduces the oxygen flowing in the body. Surgeons usually recommend their patients to quit smoking 2 months before and a month after breast augmentation.

Avoid Touching or Poking

The breast will feel tender, sensitive, and tight right after surgery. Let your body adapt to the size of implants and heal without touching the breasts. Resist the urge to feel or squeeze them. It will be harmful to poke or prod your breasts as it can introduce bacteria in the area. Only touch them when necessary, like changing the dressing. Wash your hands before touching the incision.

Remember that having the body you’ve always wanted is possible, but it sometimes takes a few painful moments to get there. However, by following these tips, you are assured of a safe and comfortable healing process.

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