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Many Filipinos have delayed seeking other forms of health care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Philippines, surgeries for non-urgent conditions are postponed to prevent hospitals and clinics’ potential overcrowding. This includes procedures such as breast augmentation and other plastic and cosmetic surgeries. It’s also a way to conserve resources like ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) used for treating more severe ailments.

We are now starting to get used to our “new normal.” However, even if social restrictions are gradually lifted, there’s still a high level of paranoia about going to medical facilities. Even for people who have postponed their operation during the lockdown, there is still a hesitance regarding their scheduled procedure.

With that said, many hospitals and clinics are now slowly reopening their doors for other medical surgeries, including plastic surgery. There is nothing to worry about going to these places. Medical facilities have implemented extra safety precautions, especially as the pandemic has not died down completely. For breast augmentation in the Philippines, protocols on patient visits may differ in various parts of the country. It will depend on the number of patients infected with COVID-19 and the available services and resources in that area.

Many doctors are allowing in-person appointments for testing and diagnostic procedures you need before undergoing surgery. If you can’t go there personally, you may also opt to have virtual appointments with your surgeon.

Facilities for Breast Augmentation in the Philippines during the “New Normal”

Some of the additional precautionary measures clinics take include  environmental disinfection, handwashing, and wearing masks. Some plastic surgery clinics also have changed pre-surgical testing procedures to fit the “new normal” for their patients’ utmost safety.

There are temperature detectors outside hospitals to make sure you don’t have a fever or other symptoms associated with COVID-19. Most facilities also do not accept walk-ins. Instead, you need to book an appointment with your surgeon beforehand. A limited number of people are allowed to enter clinics and hospitals at a time. Finally, social distancing is observed on their premises at all times.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation in the Philippines during the “New Normal”

For a consultation about breast augmentation in the Philippines, the pre-surgical testing process has been adapted accordingly. The surgeon may do a pre-procedural interview, discussing your health history and do screening for any COVID-19 symptoms or exposures. Once your evaluation has been satisfactorily completed, you can move on to other tests and procedures to accomplish before surgery. It may include lab tests, such as x-rays, as well as COVID-19 testing.

Generally, anyone who is planning to undergo surgery during this time is instructed to follow these precautionary measures. These serves as a preparation for their upcoming procedure:

  • Self-quarantine for several days (ask to work from home if applicable)
  • Avoid using public transportation and going to public places
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing signs of respiratory illness, such as fever and cough
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Contact your surgeon if there are any changes in your health during this quarantine period
  • Observe symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or sudden respiratory symptoms

During the day of your surgery, do not fill yourself with worry about going to the clinic or hospital. These facilities have high standards for patient safety, especially during the “new normal” and implemented precautions like mentioned earlier. All areas are disinfected and sanitized between patients to kill germs and viruses.

Surgeons for Breast Augmentation in the Philippines during the “New Normal”

Your surgeon should make you feel comfortable about being there for your operation. In return, you need to be confident with your surgeon’s ability. Let them guide you throughout to ensure you have a safe experience.

Breast Surgery PH helps to bring people to fulfill their desire to have breast augmentation surgery. We can help you find the right doctor and clinic for your operation during the “new normal.” We work with well-renowned and experienced plastic surgeons and various medical facilities in the country. BSPH will help you find the right surgeon for your needs, assuring you a safe and enjoyable medical experience.

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