Breast Reconstruction With Optimum Aesthetic Results


As more and more women are looking for ways to develop their physical appearances through surgeries, there also has been a rise of demand in terms of breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a reconstructive surgery that aims to rebuild the look of the breasts, or its feel and size. This is done by those patients who underwent mastectomy or lumpectomy, or to those individuals who want to boost their confidence after their fight against breast cancer.

With the popularity of this kind of surgery, there are implant related complications that you’d like to avoid. These include: infection, implant rupture, capsular contracture and a type of immune cancer called Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA ALCL). As a result, due to innovations and research, there has been an implant that would aid and lessen the complications seen in breast implants. Motiva Implants®, aims to give patients quality implants with safe, reliable and innovative characteristics.

How Does Motiva® Give an Optimum Aesthetic Result After Breast Reconstruction?

The main goal of breast reconstruction is to reconstruct breasts after mastectomy or lumpectomy, that is why more and more patients are trying this procedure to aid their personal reason after their fight with breast cancer. However, since reconstructive surgeries require a critical planning and discussion with the surgeons, factors such as your body size and shape should be considered.

If you are aiming to rebuild your self-esteem and confidence through this reconstructive surgery, choosing breast implants that would complement your aesthetic desires and expectations is vital. Also, to make sure that you will have your desired result, choosing a surgeon to help you assess will also be of help.

Consequently, these could be attained if patients will choose the implants that support safety through innovation and are backed-up by years of research. Having all of these considered, a breast implant like Motiva®, you’ll guarantee a unique and aesthetic breasts for a more confident and beautiful you.

Motiva Implants® use ultra-high purity medical-grade implants with a specially manufactured form and texture. Its materials are produced by one of the largest silicone manufacturers with over 30 years of experience. Further, you don’t need to worry if the implants are suitable for your everyday activities, because these implants are made for a very athletic and active lifestyle, this just describes the implants’ safety and reliability.

Additionally, Motiva Implants® have low risks of breast implants complications as it is found to have less than 1% of capsular contracture, which is one of the problems of other implants brands, and zero case of BIA ALCL (Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma), a rare cancer of the immune system which is lately associated with textured breast implants.

This breast implant comes into Motiva® Round, a silicone-based implant that is highly suitable to those who want to enhance the upper-pole fullness of their breasts. With its tensile strength powered by TrueMonobloc®, it allows the shell to act as a whole structure, making insertion easier and improving the implant mechanical qualities under stress. Furthermore, it has a patented blue layer indicator called  BluSeal® for full safety features and is only present in Motiva®.

Also, as these implants can be stretched and are flexible, it can be inserted smoothly with lesser pain, lesser bleeding and fast recovery and results in minimized scarring. It also has SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®, which is made through 3D nanotechnology, ensuring quality of implants with consistent results and less chances of rippling and other known complications. Additionally, the implant is filled with a patented gel called ProgressiveGel® Plus, which is designed to give a more round aesthetic appearance providing a complete upper-pole fullness of the breast. This also has balanced gel elasticity for firmness ideal for younger looking appearance.

Further, Motiva® Breast Implants offer a warranty program that would help aid your implants against rupture. This warranty is called the Always Confident Warranty®, which is a 10 year warranty. The warranty gives financial assistance  for each affected implant, applicable to the cost of the revision surgery in the event of a warranty claim for rupture or capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV. To get to know more about the warranty, you can visit the warranty terms and conditions for detailed information.

Motiva® Breast Implants are available in 60 countries in the likes of Singapore, Philippines, South Korea and Japan. To get to know the breast implant, visit their website for more details.

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