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An essential part of your breast augmentation surgery is finding the right breast implant. There are two ways to go with your breast enhancement; it can be through implants or fat grafting. Though if you want immediate and controlled results, breast implant in the Philippines will be the best option.

Like other medical operations, breast augmentation with implants can have some risks and complications, in terms of both safety and aesthetics. So, it is vital to be smart and informed in making your decision.

How to Find the Right Breast Implant in the Philippines?

There are several factors that you need to think about to land on the right breast implants. It takes a great understanding of your body and the change you want to happen, alongside consistent discussion with your surgeon. With that said, here are the things you have to take into consideration in making your decision.


Of course, the first thing you will look for in implants is size, which is the whole point of you having breast augmentation. Take note, though, that sizing in implants does not work by bra cup sizes. If you tell your surgeon that you want to turn into a C or D cup, the size might become inaccurate as bra manufacturers have different ways of sizing their product.

Instead,  breast implants in the Philippines are measured by cubic centimeters (cc). Implant sizes can range from 120 to 850 cc, but a majority of patients op for 300 to 400 cc implants. However, seemingly big sizes result in small changes after the operation. For example, the difference between a 340 cc and 400 cc implants is just two ounces.

To make sure that you find the accurate size according to what you want, trying different sizes of implants with your doctor can help. It is hard to visualize the size of the implant in your body by just knowing the unit of volume or cc. There are 3D computer simulations that show how you will look after the surgery. Also, implant “sizers” can be worn by patients during their consultation. By doing so, you will have an 85% accurate image of the newly augmented breast.

Body Type

When choosing the right implants, bigger is not always better. It is all about proportion. Think about your body frame, height, weight, shoulder width, hip width, and current breast volume when making your decision. A specific size might work for a taller woman but not a shorter one; a large enough size for a woman with a small figure may not be large enough for a curvier body type.

For some body frames, a large breast size will look unnatural. Let your doctor measure the width of your shoulders, the base width of your breasts, and distance between them, to find the size that will be proportionate to your body.

More importantly, breast implants that are too large for the body can impose risks to your health and safety. The looseness of the skin around the chest area will also factor in on what size of implant your body can handle. Large implants can result in sagging, tissue thinning, ripples beneath the skin, and premature aging of the breasts. It can also spill into your armpit or middle of the chest. Finally, the extra weight from the implant may cause a double bubble complication, where either or both implants drop below the inframammary crease and create a dent that looks like a fourth breast.


The breasts change as a woman ages. Breast tissues ages two to three years faster than other parts of the body. It is common for a woman’s breast to become less firm, less dense, and fattier, making them look elongated, stretched, or flattened. There is also the possibility of breasts to shrink, and the areola to become smaller or even disappear.

Changes in the breast are most evident during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the breasts become larger in preparation for lactation. However, after breastfeeding, it goes back to its previous look, but, at worst, it can become smaller and or sag.

So, it is recommended to undergo breast augmentation after having kids, avoiding having to have further surgeries to fix them. Also, when looking for implants, think of what will look better in the long-term. Another issue with larger implants, aside from those mentioned, is it causes more sagging because it causes the breast to lose elasticity after a period of time.


Having an active lifestyle can affect how you choose your implants. How much you work out, how much you move around, how physical your job is, should be kept in mind for your choice. Having implants can affect your posture and comfort in doing your daily activities. If you are physically active, having non-proportional breasts can interfere with your fitness routine.


Lastly, the type of clothes you regularly wear can affect how comfortable you are after having breast implants. Breast implant in the Philippines can create more or less dramatic contours, depending on your current wardrobe. If you love wearing low-cut dresses, bigger implants can create a more pronounced cleavage. On the other hand, if you wear a lot of button-up shirts or blazers, a smaller size can help you still fit in your clothes.

Motiva® Breast Implants

Taking into consideration all the factors mentioned above, you might think that it would be hard to find a breast implant in the Philippines that can offer all of that. However, with the latest medical innovations, implant brands such as Motiva® can address all your breast augmentation needs.

With over 500 types of implants to choose from, Motiva® gives you the chance to find the right implant for you, no matter your body frame or how active your lifestyle is. Also, its ProgressiveGel® Plus allows you to have a fuller cleavage, while still having a natural look and feel. The brand is also tried and tested. A 6-year progressive study reported zero cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and less than 1% of implant-related complications like capsular contracture or late seromas.

To know more about Motiva® and breast augmentation, you can visit the Breast Surgery PH website. You can also check out Our Surgeons, as all of them offer Motiva® Breast Implants.

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