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In recent years, plastic surgery has surged in popularity all over the world, including the Philippines. As a result, the stigma against pursuing physical change has also slowly melted away. Many women are now becoming open about their desire to undergo specific plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation.

As it’s the holiday season once again, we are scrambling to think of a great gift for our loved ones. Have you ever thought about giving them plastic surgery?

As absurd as it may sound, giving plastic surgery as a Christmas gift is not new. It has been a growing trend for the past few years. Because many women are vocal about their want for change, many people consider plastic surgery as a great present for the holiday season. What’s a better gift than giving your loved one the change that they desire?

If you know someone who wants to undergo plastic surgery, and you’re considering giving it to them as a gift, here are some things you need to know.

Gift Plastic Surgery to Those Who Really Want It

It might be obvious, but it needs to be emphasized that you don’t gift someone plastic surgery if they don’t want it. It’s also not advisable to give it to someone who’s still uncertain about what type of procedure she wants to undergo.

When gifting plastic surgery, make sure that the recipient has repeatedly mentioned their strong interest in changing. If they mentioned that they’re not satisfied with a certain part of their body, it doesn’t automatically mean they want surgery. Even with the best intentions, your actions may come off as offensive.

It is best to gift it to someone who will undergo surgery regardless if you give it to them or not.

Discuss with the Recipient Beforehand

During the holiday season, we love the element of surprise when it comes to gift-giving. However, with something major like plastic surgery, it’s better to discuss it with the recipient beforehand.

By talking to the recipient, you will be able to clarify what specific part of their body they want to change. Also, you can clarify your intentions of choosing such a specific present. Besides, plastic surgery isn’t something you can do on a whim. You need to give ample time for preparations.

You may still prepare some aspects ahead of time such as finding possible clinics or researching about specific procedures. Just think of it as giving your holiday gift in advance.

Do Not Make Decisions On Behalf of the Recipient

Even if you are the one giving it, remember that decisions will still be made by your recipient. It includes specific details about their surgery such as when, where, and which surgeon will perform their surgery. Remember that they’re the ones who will undergo surgery, not you, so put their comfort as a top priority.

It doesn’t mean you can’t prepare certain details beforehand, as mentioned earlier. At the end of the day, it’s a gift for the holiday season. You can do a shortlist of credible clinics and surgeons that can perform their surgery. From there, they can choose and arrange an initial consultation. You can help them until they find a plastic surgeon they’re comfortable confiding details about their surgery with.

Finally, do not pressure them to undergo surgery immediately. Even if they accept your present it doesn’t mean they would have to do it right away. Do not bring up the topic frequently either. The recipient should feel free to take time to prepare themselves, physically and mentally, and choose when’s the right time to finally undergo the operation.

Know About the Risks of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has many benefits. It can improve your overall silhouette and serves as a medical option for certain physical defects. It also has mental benefits and can make a woman feel more confident in their own skin.

With that said, operations such as breast augmentation are invasive and come with possible risks. If you are gifting plastic surgery this holiday season, make sure you are as informed about the risks and complications as the recipient. If the operation causes more harm than good, you may want to find an alternative option. However, as long as you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of safety.

Finally, know that not everyone is suited to undergo such a procedure. Plastic surgery calls for a healthy mind and body. Wanting to undergo surgery does not mean you’re a good candidate for it. Another good thing about certified plastic surgeons is that they do not let a patient push through with surgery if they’re not in the right condition.

Remember that the Commitment Lasts After Surgery

Gifting plastic surgery is as big of a commitment to you as it is to the recipient. If you decide to give your loved one their dream body, you need to realize you’ll be their caregiver throughout the whole process. You need to support them, physically and mentally, from the preparation to the recovery period. 

It might sound intimidating to give what can be a life-changing present. However, if it makes your loved one happy, the effort is more than worth it. Besides, Breast Surgery PH is here to assist you.

If you’re considering gifting plastic surgery this holiday season, it is best to do your research as soon as possible. Consider everything from the right implants to the most credible surgeon.

Breast Surgery PH wants to help you give your loved one the gift of their dream body by giving you all the information you need about breast augmentation. We have articles that can guide you on what happens during preparation to recovery. We also work with board-certified plastic surgeons who use Motiva® Breast Implants for breast augmentation. If you want to know more about these surgeons, you can read about them further on our website. Furthermore, to create the most confident choices about your surgery, you can read more about Motiva®.

If you think this upcoming holiday season is not the right time, you can take this opportunity to plan ahead.

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