Nowadays, modern women have the freedom and power to freely choose their career path and the kind of lifestyle they want. It enables them to unleash their full potential as an individual. No wonder why many of them become successful doctors, engineers, lawyers, and even enterprising businesswomen. Despite their success and laureates bestowed on their achievements, some of them feel something is still missing, making them feel uncomfortable with their skin particularly when it comes to the outlook of their physique.

This was the case for Joylyn Delfin Cochin or more commonly known as MJ. She’s a successful businesswoman who is in her early 40s and currently residing in the bustling city of Taguig, Metro Manila. For other people, her life may seem perfect but she’s still facing some challenges in her life. The projection of her breasts lacks the volume and shape that she wants. The only solution for this is to have a breast augmentation. So, she eagerly seeks the advice of her close friends. They offer her a handful of tips including the recommendation of the Motiva Implants® because they believe it will satisfy MJ’s expectations. Additionally, it is proven to be safe.

On the day she consulted her first surgeon, she was told that they do not offer Motiva Implants®. So, she was offered a different brand of breast implants which MJ agreed to have.

A year after her operation, things didn’t go as well as she expected. She noticed that something is not right with her current breast implants. Her breast showed signs of sagging, she felt pain on both sides of her breasts, just below the underarms. These unexpected events triggered her to consult a different surgeon for the possibility of undergoing implant revision surgery

Consultation with Dr. George Ferrer

Dr. George Ferrer is a board-certified plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon who runs his own clinic, George B Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery. He has years of experience in a variety of cosmetic-aesthetic surgeries, including breast augmentation. Lastly, he also belongs to the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS).

In the consultation between MJ and Dr. George, they talked about MJ’s experience through her past surgery, her issues, and desires, and everything she needs to know about undergoing implant revisions surgery.

According to MJ, in December 2020, she underwent her first breast augmentation procedure, with a 330cc breast implant placed under the skin.

“It sagged quickly,” mentions MJ about her results a little over a year after the procedure. She then further states her dissatisfaction with the size of her implants and how it is “smaller than what I wanted”.

MJ also shared about the discomfort she was feeling like the sagging of her breast implants in a very short span of one year, the tender feeling on both sides of her breast just below her underarms. According to Dr. George, this might be a possible case of implant capsular contraction, a common and important complaint.

“All implants are expected to have that capsule formation.” says Dr. George. “The difference is that some experience contracture… There are many reasons behind capsular contracture. But at the end of the day, the patient’s complaint is hard, tenderness, disfigurement, and pain.” 

He then further discussed the process of fixing such issues through implant revision surgery. “The only way to do this is to remove the capsule, then make another pocket, if it’s possible. Now, for your case, at least we know you have all the complaints and complications… our aim is to remove whatever capsule formed under the skin, make a newer pocket, and replace the breast implant of your choice.”  he said.

Motiva Ergonomix® for Implant Revision Surgery

An important part of revision surgery is choosing the right breast implants. A lot of cases of complications may be caused by the wrong implants, causing women to undergo revision surgery. As mentioned, a major part of MJ’s dissatisfaction with her results stems from the aesthetic and medical issues caused by her current implant. 

She also shared how she initially had Motiva® as her implant of choice. For her revision, she is now able to have Motiva Implants® with her operation with Dr. George. In their consultation, they discussed how Motiva®, specifically Ergonomix®, can be a good choice for revision surgery.

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“The advantage of Ergonomix® is that it has the advantages of the round and anatomical implant,” states Dr. George, “If you’re lying down, it holds the same round shape, but when you are lying up… this has more of an anatomical shape or teardrop…” Dr. George is mentioning how Motiva Ergonomix® is designed to follow the natural movement of body motion while projecting the breasts’ natural shape and feel. It is because of a special silicone gel called ProgressiveGel Ultima®, which fills the Ergonomix® implant.

“On top of that, because of its gel, a newer gel, you are able to benefit from a shorter healing period, because we are now able to insert this to a smaller incision.” adds Dr. George. Unlike other implants, Ergonomix® can be inserted through a smaller incision, between 2.5 cm to 3 cm, compared to traditional implants that require a 5 cm incision. He also mentions how it’s also beneficial for her because it allows her scar to heal in the fastest time possible. “So, a smaller incision, faster healing, and less scar.”

MJ and Dr. George also touched on the topic of warranty programs. Many patients are now savvy when it comes to their operation. They look for brands that offer them safety even way after their operation.

Motiva Implants® comes with the Always Confident Warranty®, which covers rare cases of implant rupture for the lifetime of the device. Also, it comes with the Product Replacement Policy covering rare cases Baker’s Grade III and IV capsular contracture for a 10-year period. 

Asides from that, Motiva® also offers a 5 Year Extended Warranty for implants with Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®). The program covers rare cases of rupture and Baker’s Grade III and IV capsular contracture. It also provides replacement implants and a financial aid of up to $2,500 for the cost of revision surgery (Terms and Conditions apply).

“This translates to a more safety profile,” says Dr. George when talking about Motiva®’s warranty program, “They [the patients] do not need to worry that even if those rare cases happen to them, they are well taken care of.”

At the end of the consultation, along with her research, MJ scheduled a revision breast surgery to replace her current breast implants with Motiva Ergonomix®

MJ’s story is truly inspiring for many women because it shows to us her resilience to face the challenges and issues with her first breast implants and continue searching for the right breast implants that would satisfy her needs and boosts her self-confidence as a woman. Not all surgeries create perfect results. But do not be discouraged. With the right doctor and implants, you can still achieve the results that you desire.

If you have the same concerns as MJ, it is best to do something about it as soon as possible. If you are interested in undergoing breast surgery, you can book a consultation now!

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