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One brand that’s making a name for itself because of its quality is Motiva Breast Implant. Motiva is making its way to the Philippines, and Breast Surgery Philippines recommends the brand for everyone interested in having breast augmentation surgery in the Philippines.

If you have considered going under breast augmentation surgery, you have probably considered looking for the right surgeon and the right clinic to do your operation. However, another important thing to consider before going on with the surgery is finding the right implants.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world, especially in the Philippines. The demand for the procedure pushes more innovative medical products in the industry, for a safer and more reliable experience to people. Just like Breast Surgery Philippines, Motiva wants nothing but the best quality of medical experience for its clients.


Motiva Breast Implant is the latest medical device available in Europe, and several countries in Asia

Motiva Implant is made of silicone-based elastomer shells that are filled with silicone gel. Various gel options can be used to fill the implants, which makes a wide array of implants possible. This gel is also what results in the natural look, movement, and feel of Motiva Implants.

Motiva Implant has a SmoothSilk™/SilkSurface™, resulting in a smooth outer surface of the implants. The SmoothSilk™/SilkSurface™ also prevents growth bacteria around the implants, which decreases the risk of BIA-ALCL.

Motiva Implant also has the Q Inside Safety Technology™, which allows healthcare providers to distinguish implant information even outside the body. It is the first RFID microtransponder for use in humans cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The gel used to fill the implants also affects how implants look and feel after they are placed in the breast. Motiva Breast Implant is available in two different types:

  • Round Implant
    The round-shaped implant is filled with ProgressiveGel Plus™, which gives the circular appearance of the implants. It has balanced gel elasticity, firmness, and fullness that achieves a younger active look.
  • Ergonomix™ Implant
    The Ergonomix™ implant uses ProgressiveGel Ultima™ to achieve a more anatomic shape to the implants. It has an elastic and soft gel that gives a natural look and feel.


Motiva 6th generation Breast Implant addresses the problems of previous breast implants had through its innovative technology and design. Here are the several features that Motiva Implants have:

  • SmoothSilk™/SilkSurface™
    Motiva Implants has a uniform shell, achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting. Unlike other implants, Motiva does not use materials such as salt and sugar crystals. Its outer surface optimizes biocompatibility and minimizes tissue reactivity. Through the smooth surface, attachment and growth of bacteria are minimized.

    It also reduces the risk of a double capsule, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL. The design also makes it possible for implant insertion through smaller incisions.
  • BluSeal®
    BluSeal® indicator is unique to Motiva Implants. It helps surgeons verify the presence of the protective layer surrounding the implants. It makes sure that the implants are 100% intact.  The BluSeal® indicator has complied with the most rigorous quality and safety standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials and ISO.
  • TrueMonobloc®
    Motiva’s configuration makes the implants tensile and sturdy. Its multilayer system that links all implant components (gel, shell, and patch) creates a unified structure, which makes the insertion process easier.
  • TrueTissue Technology™ (Ergonomix™)
    Through the elastic elastomer shell and the ProgessiveGel Ultima™, Motiva Implants move in a similar way to natural breasts, whether it be standing up or lying down.
  • Q Inside Safety Technology™
    The Q Inside Safety Technology allows healthcare providers to identify the breast implant information, like size, shape, and serial number, even outside the body. It is the world’s first FDA cleared RFID microtransponder for use in humans and the only one with a CE-Mark when used in a breast implant.


There are many brands of breast implants in the market. So, what makes Motiva different from its other competitors? Here are the following things that set Motiva Breast Implants apart from other brands:

  • Motiva has a wide array of breast implant projections the patients and surgeons could choose from.
  • TrueMonobloc® shell design makes implants durable and makes the incision process easier.
  • TrueTissue Dynamics™ makes implants look and feel natural.
  • The Progressive Gel™, ProgressiveGel Plus™, and ProgressiveGel Ultima™ are 100% filled, 100% ultra-soft, and 100% form-stable, which results in optimal implants shape.
  • Specialized choice of controlled surfaces for surgeons and patients.
  • Q Inside Safety Technology™ makes retrieving unique information about implants externally possible.


Through years of laboratory studies and experiments, Motiva has created the 6th Generation Breast Implants. The company worked with Establishment Labs, which has 30 years of experience in breast implant manufacturing, with the development of their implants. For years, Motiva Breast Implants has had a high satisfaction rate for its safety and aesthetic quality. Motiva Implants are also tried and tested.

A clinical study tested Motiva Implants for any complications that may happen after breast augmentation surgeries, such as implant rupture, capsular contracture, double capsules, or late seromas. There were 233 patients that participated in the study. It was conducted at a plastic surgery center approved by the American Association for Accreditation of Surgery Facilities, with the help of board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Six years after the operation, participants are asked about the side effect of Motiva Implants. It revealed that there were no reported rupture, no capsular contracture, no double capsule or late seromas, and no implant replacement due to clinical reasons.

Since its commercial launch in 2010, Motiva has produced 302,124 breast implants in the market. Also, there is only 0.025% of clinically related events reported, none of which are implant rupture because of device failure.

There are also zero cases of BIA-ALCL to patients who chose Motiva Implants. BIA-ALCL stands for Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, which is a disease that affects the immune system. It is not breast cancer, but it is considered a type of cancer. The condition is usually caused by the textured surface of most breast implants.

Motiva Breast Implant’ SmoothSilk™ NanoSurface™ prevents the development of BIA-ALCL. It also minimizes other complications after the operation.


Motiva Breast Implant has been cleared for commercial distribution in over 60 countries worldwide, like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

Now, Motiva Breast Implants is making its way to the Philippines. Filipinos who are interested to undergo breast augmentation now have access to Motiva Implants and experience the high-quality medical features that Motiva has to offer.  To know more about Motiva Breast Implant, you may visit their website.

To know more about breast augmentation, you may visit Breast Surgery Philippine’s website. Here, you could also see plastic surgeons in the Philippines, who also provide Motiva Implants. Breast Surgery Philippines will help you find the right doctor and clinic for your breast augmentation surgery in Philippines. With the help of Motiva Breast Implant and Breast Surgery Philippines, you will have the safest and most enjoyable medical experience you can imagine.

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