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Medical Tourism is a growing industry here in the Philippines. Plastic surgery, specifically breast surgery, is growing in popularity. As a result, the industry starts to use high technology medical facilities and train the most professional plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

One of the most popular procedures that foreigners go to the Philippines for is breast surgery. In the past few years, there is an increasing number of foreigners that go to the country to have plastic surgery. One particular surgery tourist goes to the country for is breast augmentation.

Many tourists decide to have their breast augmentation surgery here in the Philippines because of the high-quality medical experience. Most importantly, plastic surgery costs a lower price here than in clinics in other countries.

Now, medical tourism companies, like Breast Surgery Philippines, are emerging. They help people all over the world to have the quality of medical experience that the country has to offer. It assists you to organize a stress-free and enjoyable trip, from a place to stay-in to transportation. It also matches you with the right doctor for the surgery you want.


Even though the Philippines offers topnotch medical experience, a patient can still get tricked into going under an unsafe operation or be in the hands of a non-licensed surgeon. So, how could one avoid this type of situation? Simple, find the right plastic surgeon.

Finding the right plastic surgeon is crucial, especially for such a significant operation. A great plastic surgeon spent many years of training and medical experience to perfect their craft. They should have the willingness to learn the newest technologies and techniques in their field.

A great surgeon also knows how to be honest with his patients. A surgeon dedicated to his patient’s welfare will be direct to his patient about the possible complications and unrealistic expectations about surgeries. It establishes a good relationship between patient and doctor. In that sense, a great plastic surgeon should be a good communicator. He should be able to walk through his patient through the whole medical process.

So, how can you find the right plastic surgeon for you here in the Philippines? Before booking any clinic or surgeon for your operation, do extensive research.


It is essential to research possible plastic surgeons and clinics where you could have the surgery. There are many ways you could get the information that you need.

The most effective way to assure the surgeon’s and the clinic’s credibility is by checking their online presence. Check if they have official websites where you could get to know more about the doctor and the facility. Currently, plastic surgeons also take to social media to reach more possible clients. You could check various social media platforms to know more about plastic surgeons.

It would also help you further to join online forums about breast surgery or breast augmentation. From here, you could garner suggestions for good clinics and plastic surgeons to have your surgery. Some people who already did breast augmentation in the Philippines usually share their experiences in forums.

In addition, You could also search for reviews of clinics and surgeons you have in mind. It is a great way to have an honest opinion about your choices.

Lastly, search for contact information like address, contact number, or email, where you could leave a message of inquiry for them. It is a way for your questions to be answered directly by the plastic surgeons themselves.


Regardless of how you will do your research, be super critical about narrowing down your choices. When deciding on the plastic surgeon that will do your surgery, be extra keen about knowing background information about them. Knowing the following information will help you in choosing the best surgeon for what you are looking for:

  • Training & Certification
    – Choose a surgeon that has accomplished the required years of plastic surgery residency. Once a surgeon finishes his/her residency program, then he/she is eligible to take the Board Exam. He/she then needs to pass both a written and oral exam. Once passing the Board, he/she then is given a certification to be an official plastic surgeon.

    – It would also be helpful if you check the hospital wherein the surgeon accomplished his/her residency. In the Philippines, there are only four residency programs that are accredited by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery and the Philippine College of Surgeons: UP-PGH Medical Center, UST, and two consortium programs by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Experience
    – It is noteworthy to take into consideration the plastic surgeon’s medical experience. The more experienced the surgeon is, the higher the chance of a successful surgery. Also, check the medical institutions where they garnered their expertise. Check if they received fellowships in other countries or the hospitals in the Philippines where they became a resident plastic surgeon.
  • Membership/Affiliation
    – Choose a plastic surgeon with membership in any local or international medical organizations. After that, check the guidelines of those organizations. Membership to these organizations speaks of the credibility and experience of the surgeon.

    – In the Philippines, organizations like the Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS) help in maintaining the quality of plastic surgery in the country.

    – Many Filipino plastic surgeons are also a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). ISAPS is the world’s leading organization of board-certified plastic surgeons.

Certainly, you can now start your research. Make sure to cover the following information to make sure that you book a skilled and trustworthy plastic surgeon and clinic. The great thing is that searching for the right plastic surgeon is made easy by companies like Breast Surgery Philippines.

Breast Surgery Philippines is a medical tourism company that provides concierge service to people interested in having breast surgery in the Philippines. It will help you with booking the right doctor and clinic. It will also help you with services like booking a hotel and more airport transportation.

They work with well-renowned and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons and various medical facilities in the country. They will help you find the right surgeon for your surgery. They assure you a safe and enjoyable medical experience here in the Philippines.

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