Top surgery is truly a life-changing event for many trans women and non-binary individuals. It is not an easy decision to make because it takes a lot of emotional courage for them to face it. Once they have overcome it, they can finally become more confident and comfortable with their bodies. It’s no surprise why this kind of operation is booming here in the Philippines because more and more people are seeing its benefits and how it has drastically changed the course of their lives for the better. 

If you’re planning to have top surgery, we are glad to help you understand more about it while providing insights about its procedure. Not only that, but you’ll also learn about things you must do and avoid after your surgery.

What is Top Surgery? 

For starters, top surgery is defined as a procedure where the physical appearance of the chest is altered by a professional surgeon to have a more “masculine” (flat) or “feminine” (adding breast implants) chest.  

There are two types of top surgery: female-to-male top surgery (FTM) and male-to-female breast augmentation (MTF). What is the difference between the two? 

Female-to-male top surgery (FTM) is a type of surgery that is usually done for individuals that are assigned female at birth who want to have a flatter chest that would have a similar “masculine” chest feature. 

On the other hand, male-to-female top surgery  (MTF) is a procedure where the surgeon cuts a small incision somewhere alongside the breast and then inserts a pair of disinfected breast implants. This would immediately improve the size, volume, and projection. There can be several ways of doing MTF top surgery, but in the Philippines, it is commonly done with breast implants.

Reasons for Undergoing Male to Female Top Surgery

For some trans women in the Philippines, it is vital for them to undergo MTF top surgery because it gives them the freedom to become who they want to be as an individual. It also allows them to be comfortable with their own bodies by having a “feminine” chest feature. Not all trans women feel the need to do so. However, for some, it’s an important step toward feeling whole and more in tune with one’s gender and body.

Top Surgery Consultation in the Philippines

Even if it’s something you know you want and need, this may be an emotional and difficult process to go through. Because this surgery is so intimate for many people, it’s vital that you locate a surgeon with whom you feel at ease and who has had sufficient training in transgender and gender-affirming procedures.

Consultation is an essential part of your surgical procedure. Your surgeon will determine if your body will be able to handle the operation. As a patient, you must provide them with your complete medical history. You may also ask about your concerns or anything you want to know with regard to your operation. This is beneficial not only for you but also for your surgeon because this will give them an idea on what must be done for your operation. In addition, we recommend that you wear a comfortable dress or attire. This will make it easier for your surgeon to conduct a physical examination of your body with ease.

Do’s and Don’ts after Top Surgery 

Top surgery requires patients to have enough rest after breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon will provide medical tips that will help you heal those scars much faster. You may also apply anti-scar cream to speed up the healing process of your scars.

It is necessary for top surgery patients to take care of themselves after the surgery. To add more support to their newly operated breast implants, you may need to wear a sports bra for the meantime as you recover. This would hold up the breast and prevent it from sagging because of gravity. You don’t want to jeopardize your recovery by not doing this. 

Consuming healthy foods and fresh foods is also great for your body. As they say, health is wealth. It’s why you must eat healthy foods to speed up your recovery from your top surgery. You may need to eat more fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits and bell peppers, which are required by the body for tissue growth and repair, particularly after surgery. It also aids in the development of a protein that creates the skin, tendons, blood vessels, and ligaments, as well as wound healing by generating scar tissues, general absorption of body iron, repair and maintenance of bones, cartilages, and teeth. Broccoli and strawberries are other good sources of vitamin C.

On the other hand, you must avoid smoking since it impairs your body’s ability to heal faster after surgery. Slower wound healing increases your sensitivity to infections. You could have major bacteria contamination or lethal staph infections. These infections are more difficult to treat with treatments if you continue to smoke.

Implants for MTF Top Surgery in the Philippines

Having the right implants is vital for individuals who will undergo male to female top surgery. Not only would you have the best aesthetic natural projection of the breast, but it would also provide them protection from unwanted medical diseases and illnesses. 

If you’re looking for the safest and best implants right now on the market, then look no further because Motiva Implants® is now available in the Philippines. It’s proven to be safe to use, backed by many clinical studies. 

Its newly released Motiva Ergonomix® is designed to naturally mimic the movement of the breast and body. When the patient is in a lying position, it can instantly take a round shape, while it immediately transforms into a tear-drop shape when the body is in an upright position. All of this is possible because of its ProgressiveGel®. This advanced gel ensures a high viscosity and fills the implants. What makes it so special is that it mimics the natural movement of the breast, allowing the patients to move freely without any rippling sensation. 

Moreover, its SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® encapsulates the breast implant with its advanced nanotextured smooth surface. This surface prevents bacteria from growing around the implants, lowering the risk of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and other implant-related complications like capsular contracture. 

It also has a BluSeal® barrier layer that helps your surgeon check if the breast implants are free from any defects like gel bleed, ruptures, and other defects to the implant shell before insertion into the patient’s body. 

Another amazing feature of Motiva Implants®  is the TrueMonobloc®, which creates a highly elastic and controlled surface. In comparison to traditional implants, which require a 5cm incision, this configuration allows Motiva Implants®  to be inserted through a significantly smaller incision, ranging from 2.5cm to 3cm. During recovery, smaller incisions result in less scarring, less pain, and less bleeding.

Lastly, the Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®). It’s simply a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-enabled placed within the breast implants in which it stores the important data about the implant. With the help of this, a surgeon will use a Qid® scanner during a consultation to check the information about the current state of the breast implant. This is used in case you lose your Motiva® breast implant card. 

Asides from its features, Motiva® also has warranty programs including the Always Confident Warranty® (covering rare cases of rupture for the lifetime of the implant) and Product Replacement Policy (for rare cases of Bakers Grade III and IV capsular contracture). Motiva® also offer extended warranty programs, offering financial assistance in case of revision surgery.

Top surgery is an essential part of transformation when it comes to physical change. This change will eventually lead to more confident individuals who will now have a chance to be proud of who they really are.

Whether it is FTM or MTF, everyone is free to choose whatever they want to aspire to be when it comes to their physical figure. Moreover, you must equip yourself with all the needed information about your surgery. Again, be open with your surgeon regarding all of your concerns and inquiries about your top surgery. This will help them understand what is good for you.

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