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Breast augmentation is becoming one of the top plastic surgeries in the world and many women are now looking for the perfect place to have their surgery. Recently, the Philippines has become a hotspot for medical tourism. In 2015, it was ranked eighth among the top medical tourism destinations in the world, ahead of countries like Japan and France. There is a growing number of tourists undergoing breast augmentation in the Philippines.

When planning for your surgery, find a place that offers high-quality facilities, trained surgeons, and overall great medical experience for the best price; the Philippines can offer you all of that. So, here are the reasons why the Philippines is a great choice to have your breast augmentation surgery.

  • Reliable Surgeons
    One of the things you need to pay close attention to in planning is finding a good surgeon. Finding the right surgeon will not be a hard process because of the number of qualified plastic surgeons that practice breast augmentation in the Philippines.

    Organizations like the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc. (PAPRAS) and the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS) consists of board-certified surgeons. They monitor the qualification and licensure of plastic surgeons in the country. 

    The local medical industry consists of new and veteran surgeons. Most of them have years of experience in performing plastic surgery procedures to Filipino patients and patients of different nationalities. Many Filipino surgeons are also trained internationally, through various residency programs.
  • World-Class Medical Facilities
    Due to the growing medical tourism in the country, the Philippines has been pushing to offer state-of-the-art medical facilities for its patients. There are many internationally accredited and recognized medical institutions in the Philippines. 

    In fact, there are five JCI-accredited facilities in the country: Asian Hospital and Medical Center (Muntinlupa City), Makati Medical Center (Makati City), St. Luke’s Medical Center (Global City and Quezon City), and The Medical City (Pasig City). The Joint Commission International (JCI) is a healthcare accreditation and certification body with membership worldwide. It has a set of intensive and extensive standards, ensuring facilities with the JCI seal cater to the needs of medical tourists.
  • Competitive Cost
    One reason why foreigners flock to the Philippines to have their surgery is that plastic surgery costs are cheaper than in other countries. On average, breast augmentation surgeries would only cost around PHP 150,000-300,000 (USD 3,000-6,000) in the Philippines. Compare this to other countries, where the surgery could go up to PHP 600,000 (USD 11,500). The implants are also cheaper, ranging from PHP 84,000-125,000 (USD 1,600-2,400). 

    Though the cost of breast augmentation in the Philippines might be cheaper, the quality of service is not sub-par. Currently, Metro Manila, the country’s capital, is a center of numerous topnotch plastic surgery clinics, some owned by well-known and established surgeons.
  • Implant Choice
    Local medical facilities also offer a variety of breast implant brands, especially when it comes to size, projection, and prices.  

    There is a choice you can make between saline or silicone breast implants. Saline implants are filled with salt-water while silicone breast implants are filled with a cohesive gel. Implants also come in two surface texture, smooth and textured. The shell of textured implants feels a bit rough, similar to sandpaper, while smooth implants have a smoother outer surface. In the Philippines, several plastic surgeons are turning to smooth silicone implants for breast augmentation because of its softer and natural feel.

    Some of the common brands of implants used for breast augmentation in the Philippines include Mentor, Sebbin, Polytech, and Motiva Breast Implant.

Motiva® Breast Implant

It is important to find surgeons and medical facilities that support your journey throughout. It includes choosing the perfect breast implant. Motiva® Breast Implant is the featured implant of Breast Surgery Philippines.

Motiva® is the 6th generation breast implants, which recently made its way to the Philippines. Motiva® dedicated years of research and laboratory development to create high-end breast implants that have been cleared for commercial distribution in over 60 countries worldwide.

The Motiva® Round Implant is made of silicone-based elastomer shells that are filled with silicone gel, called ProgressiveGel® Plus, which results in a fuller and younger active look.

It has a SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®, the smooth outer surface of the implants, achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting. Unlike other brands, Motiva® does not use materials such as salt and sugar crystals in its production. The smooth surface also helps minimize the growth and attachment of bacteria.

Motiva Implant® has a BluSeal® indicator, a unique feature of the brand. It helps surgeons verify the presence of the protective layer surrounding the implants, making it easier to detect implant defects such as gel bleed and ruptures.

In addition, it has a TrueMonobloc® shell which allows the implant to be stretched and be easily inserted through a small incision without compromising the surface of the implant, resulting in a smaller scar when healed.

Motiva Implant® also has the Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®), which allows healthcare providers to distinguish implant information even outside the body. It is the first RFID microtransponder for use in humans cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Motiva® is a reliable brand that is tried and tested. A 6-year prospective study showed that breast augmentation surgeries that used Motiva Implant® showed less than 1% of cases of implant complications, such as double capsule, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma).

With its innovative features and low reported complication rate, Motiva® assures the best service for breast augmentation. To know more about Motiva® Breast Implant, you may visit their website.

  • English Speaking Country
    Filipino surgeons also give importance to the safety of their patients and support them throughout the process, which extends to other medical staff. They aim to provide quality medical services to everyone. In this case, clear communication is crucial, especially when it comes to major surgery, like plastic surgery.

    If you decide to have breast augmentation in the Philippines, the language barrier will not be a problem, considering that a lot of Filipinos are fluent in speaking English. For tourists, communication will be convenient because medical staff can answer their questions and explain instructions, both verbal and written.

Breast Surgery Philippines

Breast Surgery Philippines helps to bring people from around the world to the Philippines, in order to fulfill their desire of having breast augmentation surgery. We can help you in finding the right doctor and clinic, as well as other needs that involve your operation here in the country.

The Philippines is known for having caring and compassionate medical personnel as well as some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world. Breast Surgery Philippines works closely with well-renowned and experienced plastic surgeons and internationally accredited medical facilities in the country to assure you a safe and enjoyable medical experience here in the Philippines.

To know more information about how we can help, you can visit the Breast Surgery PH website.

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