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Exercising is a great way to stay fit and alleviate boredom during this covid-19 lockdown. However, it can be overwhelming to scour the internet to find the right home workout for you. So to help you out, we’ve narrowed down 5 fitness youtubers to help guide you through all your fitness needs during this lockdown!

1. Johanna Soh

Johanna Soh has an array of workouts, diet and fitness tips to give you an all around guide on how to stay fit and healthy! From 30-minute workouts to 30-day challenges, Johanna Soh will surely give you all the tools you need to start working out while on quarantine!

2. MadFit with Maddie Lymburner

Grab a yoga mat cause that’s about all you need to get with MadFit with Maddie Lymburner. This channel is perfect for those who have no equipment but still want to get a good sweat going. MadFit showcases a ton of body-weight and high-intensity workout videos, as well as yoga and stretching videos.

3. Yoga With Adriene

For those looking for a much more zen fitness routine, Yoga with Adriene is just the right youtube channel for you. Adriene has over 7 million subscribers and is a wide array of yoga training videos for beginners to experts. Also, she has the cutest dog.

4. Jump Rope Dudes

Got a jump rope but never really used it much? Well this is the perfect time to get those old jump ropes to help you shed off those quarantine pounds, and the Jump Rope Dudes are just the people to help you. Jump rope is both a workout and a skill, which can be really frustrating at first. The Jump Rope Dudes will help turn you into a jump rope expert in just a few videos!

5. Athlean X

Do you miss going to the gym and seeing that hot gym instructor? No worries, we got you covered girl! Learn great home workouts with or without equipment, while being instructed by an incredibly hot guy! Athlean X offers workout videos that you can do from home, with or without equipment, and has a lot of informative videos that teaches the principles and science behind fitness.

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