motiva pink power


The 2020 Motiva® Pink Power, a grand event sponsored by Motiva® Taiwan, was held in the Marriott Hotel in Taipei last September 27. The event ushered in the International Breast Cancer Prevention Month during October. It was held to help raise funding and awareness for breast cancer. Attendees were educated on how to properly maintain their health and detect breast cancer on it’s early stages. The event also coincided with the 10th year anniversary of the launch of Motiva® breast implants internationally.

Women gathered in the 2020 Motiva® Pink Power event had the chance to learn from experts about early breast cancer detection.  Experts stressed that breast cancer survival rate goes up to 90% when detected under 5 years. The participants also got to come together to do some light exercises like stretching and Yoga, which benefit the body’s lymphatic system and stimulate the breasts, thus lowering the risk of breast cancer and promoting overall good health and wellness.

motiva pink power

Lulu, a Taiwanese yoga instructor led a 1-hour morning stretching and yoga class for all the participants, where they learned the proper yoga poses to promote good health and wellbeing, as well as exercises primarily done to stimulate the lymphatic system and prevent breast cancer. Taiwanese actress and women’s health advocate Zhang Junning (Ning Chang) was also present in the event as the 2020 Charity Ambassador, in which all the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Foundation. Motiva® Taiwan also vouched to double all the proceeds gained from the registration fee of the event, and donate it all to the said charity.

Breast Reconstruction with Motiva® Implants

Another major aspect of the event is the focus on safe breast reconstruction using Motiva® breast implants. Breast reconstruction is the process of recreating the breasts after the patient has had a mastectomy or removal of the breasts due to breast cancer or cause of the high-risk of the disease as a result of genetic factors. A safe option for breast reconstruction for women is Motiva Implants®. Motiva®, the 6th generation breast implants offer a safer way to have breast reconstruction through its innovative technology that centers on women’s health and safety, as well as exemplary aesthetic results.

Motiva® Round breast implants provide a more rounder, active-looking, aesthetically beautiful shape to the breasts, while maintaining a natural feel to the touch. However, the brilliance of Motiva Implants® lies within its technological innovations, such as the SmoothSilk® shell achieved through 3-D nano-imprinting technology, designed to mitigate the risks of complications such as capsular contracture, late seroma, and other implant related complications. The implant also has its own patented gel called ProgressiveGel® Plus and structural design called TrueMonobloc® technology. These features make the implant incredibly durable thus lowering the risk of rupture. Motiva Implants® also provide a softer natural feel, and allows the implant to be inserted through a smaller incision. These features also allow for less scarring, making it a viable option for breast reconstruction.

Motiva Implants® have the lowest overall complication rate in the market of less than 1%, and have zero reported cases of BIA-ALCL(Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma), a type of non-hodgkin’s disease or cancer of the immune system. The technological innovations of Motiva® breast implants give optimum aesthetic results, and makes the implant the safer choice for women.

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