This era ushered in some of the most remarkable breakthroughs in the world of medical science and technology. These achievements gave birth to highly-advanced medical devices such as breast implants, which have greatly improved over the years in both their aesthetic and safety features.

One of the leading innovators in the field of beauty and cosmetic surgery is Establishment Labs®, which spearheaded the innovation of breast implants. One of its products from its implant line, Motiva Ergonomix® is available in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and other Asian countries.

These highly anticipated breast implants are one of the preferred silicone breast implants in the world. But, why are women so excited about it?  What makes Motiva Implants® unique from other brands of breast implants? 

Designed to Move Naturally With the Body

When it comes to choosing the right breast implants for you, one must be meticulous about it. You must also consider the medical advice of your local surgeon when it comes to this vital matter because they have the expertise and understand how your body would react to it. 

Most women are looking for breast implants that give them total freedom to move freely. At the same time, they want something that allows their breast implants to follow their movements without the unwanted sensation of rippling or being constrained by them. 

This is one of the reasons why most women prefer silicone breast implants instead of having saline breast implants.  Motiva Ergonomix®   is a silicone breast implant that enhances the aesthetic projection of your breast, while still being light and soft.  This can be a choice for those women who spend most of their time with outdoor activities or who are always on the go. 

In addition, Ergonomix® is designed to follow the natural movement of the breasts. It transforms into a teardrop shape when you’re in a standing position when one stands, and becomes round when you’re lying down.

All of these are made possible because of a highly specialized gel called ProgressiveGel Ultima®. The specialized gel has a high viscosity characteristic, allowing the implants to be completely filled and ultra soft. It also corrects the sagging or deformity, as the implant still gives optimum projection while being able to follow the body’s movement.

Smaller Incision Breast Augmentation Scars

Another factor that leads to natural-looking results from breast augmentation is scarring. Having a large scar after the breast augmentation would take so much time to heal. It would leave a noticeable mark, which would be very hard to hide and, for some, it is undesirable to have. 

This is just one of the concerns for some women about the size of the scars they would have after the operation. That is why Motiva® offers MotivaMinimalScar® to its patients. Professional surgeons would only need a 2.5 cm incision, which is half as long as a conventional incision for breast augmentation, for them to insert your Motiva Implants®. Smaller incisions mean a faster time for your recovery, and it also means fewer visible scars. 

Moreover, there are instances where it is challenging for surgeons to insert the breast implants because they must be cautious of not putting too much pressure on the breast implants since they are sensitive. However, Motiva Implants®  have come up with a bright idea. Through their TrueMonobloc® technology,  it enhances the implants’ ability to handle intense pressure done by the surgeon during breast augmentation. This is the shell and encapsulates all the other breast implant components, resulting in implants with tensile strength.

Always Confident Warranty® Program

Aside from its safety features, Motiva Implants® Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Asian countries also offer warranty programs that ensure the patient’s peace of mind even after the operation.

Once the breast augmentation is done, a patient is required to register on the MotivaImagine® app or website for them to avail of the first-year free coverage of the warranty program within the first 90 days after the initial breast augmentation.

In an unfortunate and rare case of implant rupture, Motiva® would provide you a free replacement of the similar breast implant – as recommended by your surgeon – through the Always Confident Warranty®

As for the Product Replacement Policy, all Motiva Implants® are covered by their replacement procedures in the rare case of capsular contracture with Baker grades III or IV in a span of 10 years after the breast augmentation of the affected breast implants. 

Another of Motiva®’s safety innovations is the Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Qid® as the first microtransponder for human use. All Motiva Ergonomix® have a biocompatible RFID (passive radio-frequency identification) that stores the patients’ medical and breast implant information. 

Surgeons can now easily check it with the use of a handheld reader (Motiva Qid® Reader). This would minimize the requirement for the Motiva® card and allow surgeons to instantly learn the information they need about the patient as well as the type of Motiva Implants® they are utilizing. This is especially valuable when you are availing yourself of your implant’s warranty.

More Than 1 Million Implants Are Placed Worldwide

In a recent clinical study, women who got the Motiva® silicone breast implants showed 10 years of excellent safety outcomes.

At a virtual symposium in 2020, Juan José Chacón-Quirós, Chief Executive Officer of Establishment Labs®, shared the accomplishments of Motiva Implants® over the last 10 years. 

“These 10-year findings are another validation of the rigorous science and engineering behind the strong safety profile of our Motiva Implants®,” he said.

“The placement of nearly 1.3 million Motiva Implants® [as of 2020] in over 80 countries, along with positive real-world data sets, implant registries, and independent publications, are evidence of the high degree of confidence plastic surgeons and patients have in Motiva®,” Quirós added. Since then, there’s  nearly 1.8 million implants sold worldwide in 2021.

Within over a million implant placements worldwide, Motiva® has an incredible safety record. According to a retrospective study, there are only less than 1% of implant-related complications including capsular contracture, double capsule, and late seroma. It also has zero cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of cancer associated with breast implants.

Committed to Women’s Health and Well-Being as a Top Priority

Motiva Implants® is fully committed to your health and does place a high value on your experience in order to produce healthy, attractive outcomes over the long run with the use of Motiva’s cutting-edge, safe technology, techniques, and tools.

In the said virtual symposium, Quirós states, “Establishment Labs® has an unwavering commitment to women’s health and well-being, and I want to thank each of our employees who remain united in our vision to transform this industry through science and innovation.”

One of the reasons why Motiva Implants® will always provide you with the state-of-the-art medical equipment and tools that will be used by your professional surgeon.

Their obligation doesn’t end during the operation, their lines are open for any of your concerns and other recommendations. This is to show how Motiva®  truly values its patients.

Choice is vital for each and every one of us. Choosing the right breast implants would not only satisfy their expectations but also give them the protection they need against unwanted illnesses.

If you’re planning to have breast augmentation surgery, you must have open communication with your surgeon in order for you to have the best medical advice and guide you in choosing the right breast implants for you.

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